Iranian Lawyer & Iran Manager
Brief info

Mr. Ehsan Mansouri plays a role as an Iran Manager and he is a dedicated Iranian Ph.D. law student and lawyer in Iran and possesses a decade-spanning legal career marked by versatility across various legal domains. With an unwavering focus on achieving outcomes, Ehsan offers robust legal advice and direction to enterprises, families, corporations, contracts and immigration law.
Ehsan's proficiencies encompass the art of contract creation and assessment, meticulous due diligence, and meticulous adherence to regulatory requisites. Demonstrating courtroom prowess, he consistently secures favourable verdicts for his clients. Backed by astute analytical and solution-oriented abilities, Ehsan has established a track record of adept negotiation and effective conflict resolution.
His commitment to superlative client service remains unswerving, underscored by a commitment to upholding the pinnacle of professionalism and ethical norms.